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Kendall Holdeman: 02/20/2017 16:20

Salespeople are ignorant and pushy. As soon as you say you might be interested in something they send it telling you that you can return it no charge with in 30 days. They also claim stuff had lifetime warranty. Looks like extremely cheap junk, Harbor Freight comparable. Also their number always shows up unknown. After 1 small purchase of $150 I was a preferred customer. How sad they must literally not have customers!!!

curtis willis: 01/20/2017 05:04

We are all independent salesman. The salesman is in no way a reflection on California contractors. All these complaints I see are about bad people that pretty much work for themselves. All 1500 of my customers love when I call every 2 months or so. I save them money, save them time, and brighten their day. And yes some do use fake names because we call all over the country, and there are some crazy people out there. So that's why we do that. We sell great products and we sell some that are mid grade, but not every situation calls for the best, sometimes its about the best price. Walmart has a 25% return rate on a yearly basis..... I myself have a 2% return rate and I sell 400,000 a year in tools and supplies. I am one of many who make a career out of this and have for 12 years. These complaints look like they are about salesman who probably didn't last a year or two. Rate the company the salesman work for, not the supply house that fills his orders. Come on folks.

Guy Scarborough: 11/14/2016 19:43

I worked for this shady ass outfit back years and years ago (yes I was one of those pushy ass phone sales guys) we were NO WHERE NEAR the warehouse, we were in a little office in Phoenix,Az. We had our stupid script to go by ("do you recognize the voice? Well it's been a while, this is fake name calling from contractor supply") we had no tools in the office, didnt even know what a lot of them were! But we were pushed to sell "kits,cords,and blades" we called THOUSANDS of numbers every day and didnt know who we were talking to (all of the leads came from Dunn and Bradstreet so thank them for your info) we had an $80 minimum order and we promised "all the freight" charges were free...that was even a lie! You would still be charged SHIPPING but since it wasnt worded as FREIGHT ......that wasn't a lie! INFERIOR tools at poor prices and pushy salesmen just trying to get a paycheck to support their drug habits. The worst time of my life was working for this shady ass company being high on meth all day every day....I would like to personally apologize to anyone who bought anything from me, I was just doing what I was told to do.

Firstname Lastname: 11/04/2015 22:47

Once or twice a year I get that annoying phone call from some cheesy-car-salesman-sounding guy that thinks he's my buddy. Every year I told him to stop call me and every year they continue to call, against federal regulations. I never do business with anybody that calls me, especially an outfit like that.

Lea Bittner: 07/07/2015 18:02

Dont buy from this company...our business purchased one thing from them and that was 2 years ago....they call on a weekly basis pretty much. But it shows up as a "Private Caller", so I always know its them and not to answer. Everyone is right, they are persistent and wont take "no" for an answer. Sleezy company. STAY AWAY