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Shin Shimosawa: 12/10/2016 23:31

This is the second time we have used Building Doctors. I just moved into a new place and the heating and air conditioning system was not working correctly. We had them perform one of their energy audits and we found our so much more that the home inspector did. They quickly fixed the issue with the HVAC system while we review our options on the other work through the Energy Upgrade CA rebate program. Great and informative energy audit report.

Chris Campbell: 12/05/2016 00:32

I originally called the Building Doctors to insulate my home because of the temperate swings in my home. After one of their energy auditors came by and checked out everything I learned how important is was to air seal the home first. I had a few insulation companies come by and none of them even mentioned air sealing.

Jason Feinberg: 02/11/2015 09:20

We hired Building Doctors to do a sizable energy efficiency upgrade project. This included work in the attic, crawlspace, and major garage work to insulate, control temperature, control sound, etc. We are very happy with the service Dan and Building Doctors provided. The initial consultation was much friendlier and honest than the competition. We felt much more secure with Dan's knowledge and the quality of his initial assessment. The project expanded as we decided we wanted to do more work than originally planned in the garage. They were accommodating and the project rolled out smoothly.

David Dowell: 03/07/2014 22:18

Dan and his professional team did a terrific job of making our home much more energy efficient. We love our home (built in 1927), but it was drafty, cold in the winter and simply energy inefficient. After the extensive work Building Doctors did, our home was re-invented. Our tutor style home now is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with LOWER utility bills! Go figure! Dan's team was very professional, always informative in what they were doing and very respectful of our home. My wife and I would recommend Building Doctor's to anyone.

Fabiola Hensley: 07/02/2013 08:19

I want to tell everyone how happy I'm about the Building Doctors. We just participated in the Energy Upgrade California Program threw LA County and received $8500 towards my homes energy upgrades. Our heater and air conditioner where 20 years old and not doing the job that they use to do and our bills where going threw the roof (literally since the it turned out my ducts where leaking over 40%). So I found the Building Doctors after seeing them and Energy Upgrade California featured on my NBC newscast. I explained to Dan what was happening at my home and he was so knowledgeable and spent a considerable amount of time explaining to me building science and how the Building Doctors Whole House approach differed from other contractors. Since I'm a senior citizen I found the time he spent with me very informative and reassuring which put me at ease . With the Whole House approach we ended up using a much smaller and efficient heating and cooling unit than what we use to have, which seems counter intuitive since our home was not comfortable with a much larger system. The Whole House approach requires that we air seal and insulate so that we can get away with using a much smaller unit. Dan can explain the Whole House Approach much better than I can. The Building Doctors crews where very knowledgeable, friendly as well as very respectful of my property since much time and effort was taken before the job began to protect my home, furniture and personal belongings. My job was completed on time and within budget to boot. I cant get over how uncomfortable I was and didn't even realize it until I got my new home back. I had to write this review after our last heat wave. My home performed marvelously even though it was in the ninety's. I opened the windows in the early morning for an hour (like Dan advised me) and then closed them before the heat hit. The result was my cooling system didn't turn on until after 5 when the interior temperature hit 76. Wow, what a difference the old system would have been on ALL DAY. My rooms on the South side of my home where unbearable and now they are the same temperature as the rest of the house. It's like I have a new home and I'm so happy since I spend most of my days at home. Thank you Building Doctors for making my home comfortable all year long and saving me money on all my utility bills.